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Bulletin of the International association for paleodontology,Vol. 4 No. 1
Publication date: June 2010

Published on HRČAK: 28 June 2010
Table of contents Full text
Impressum and contents (str.2-3) englishpdf 38 KB
Supernumerary teeth and pseudarthrosis of the mandible in a young male from the mediaeval cemetery in Stenjevec (str.4-10) englishpdf 765 KB
Željka Bedić, Mario Šlaus
Original scientific paper
Review of human osseal remains from XVI-XVIII centuries cemetery of Zatveretsky Posad (Tver, Russia) (str.11-21) englishpdf 1 MB
Andrei V Zinoviev
Original scientific paper
The odontological collection at the Royal College of Surgeons of England: a short review (str.22-26) englishpdf 1020 KB
Milly Farrell
Review article
How to estimate dental age in paleodontology? (str.27-32) englishpdf 65 KB
Vedran Šebečić, Andrea Hoch, Maja Sabalić
Review article
Are there any similarities and/or differences in sex determination methods used in forensic dentistry and paleodontology? (str.33-35) englishpdf 35 KB
Aleksandar Kovačević, Lea Gruengold
Review article
The Routledge Handbook of Archaeological Human Remains and Legislation (str.36-37) englishpdf 108 KB
Book Review  
The Archaeology of Human Bones (str.38-39) englishpdf 68 KB
Book Review  
IAPO Projects and Network (str.40-40) englishpdf 39 KB
IAPO Membership (str.41-41) englishpdf 92 KB
Forthcoming events (str.42-42) englishpdf 16 KB
Instructions for the authors (str.43-43) englishpdf 26 KB
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