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Geologia Croatica, Vol. 63 No. 2, 2010.

Datum izdavanja: lipnja 2010.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 11. 9. 2010.
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Sustainability of the karst environment - Dinnaric karst and other karst regions (str.127-127) engleskipdf 44 KB
Ognjen Bonacci, Mladen Juračić
Evolution of caves in porous limestone by mixing corrosion: A model approach. (str.129-135) engleskipdf 652 KB
Wolfgang Dreybrodt, Douchko Romanov, Georg Kaufmann
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New insights into the transport of sediments and microorganisms in karst groundwater by continuous monitoring of particle-size distribution (str.137-142) engleskipdf 546 KB
Nico Goldscheider, Michiel Pronk, Jakob Zopfi
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Understanding the Hydrology of Karst (str.143-143) engleskipdf 168 KB
Arthur N. Palmer
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Challenges to Sustainability in the Caribbean Karst (str.149-154) engleskipdf 191 KB
Mick Day
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Late Pleistocene – Holocene environmental changes – records from submerged speleothems along the Eastern Adriatic coast (Croatia) (str.155-169) engleskipdf 1 MB
Maša Surić, Mladen Juračić
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Water temperature as a natural tracer – a case study of the Malenščica karst spring (SW Slovenia) (str.171-177) engleskipdf 719 KB
Metka Petrič, Janja Kogovšek
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Karstic sources of water supply for large consumers in Southeastern Europe – sustainability, disputes and advantages (str.179-185) engleskipdf 2 MB
Zoran P. Stevanovic, Romeo Eftimi
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Observations of stage and temperature dynamics in the epiphreatic caves within the catchment area of the Ljubljanica river (Slovenia) (str.187-193) engleskipdf 1 MB
Janez Turk, Franci Grabovšek
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The conceptual hydrogeological model of the Plitvice Lakes (str.195-206) engleskipdf 3 MB
Hrvoje Meaški, Ranko Biondić, Božidar Biondić
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The palaeoecological signifi cance of the Pleistocene mammalian fauna from Veternica Cave, Croatia. Revision of the lagomorpha, canidae, mustelidae and felidae (str.207-224) engleskipdf 657 KB
Preston T. Miracle, Dejana Brajković
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Significance of the Badenian petroleum source rocks from the Krndija Mt. (Pannonian Basin, Croatia) (str.225-239) engleskipdf 4 MB
Marko Zečević, Josipa Velić, Jasenka Sremac, Tamara Troskot-Čorbić, Vesnica Garašić
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Geochemical characteristics of the barite occurrences in the Paleozoic complex of the Southeastern Bosnia and their relationship to the barite deposits of the Mid-Bosnian Schist Mountains (str.241-258) engleskipdf 2 MB
Ivan Jurković, Vesnica Garašić, Hazim Hrvatović
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