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International Journal of Engineering Business Management,Vol. 1 No. 2
Publication date: September 2009

Published on HRČAK: 14 April 2011
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Enterprise System Design for RFID Enabled Supply Chains from Experience in Two National Projects (str.1-6) englishpdf 1 MB
John P.T. Mo, Weerayut Lorchirachoonkul, Slavica Gajzer
Original scientific paper
Development of an OLAP Based Fuzzy Logic System for Supporting Put Away Decision (str.7-12) englishpdf 1 MB
C.H.Y. Lam, S.H. Chung, C.K.M. Lee, G.T.S. Ho, T.K.T. Yip
Original scientific paper
An Aircraft Service Staff Rostering using a Hybrid GRASP Algorithm (str.13-18) englishpdf 783 KB
Vincent Cho, Gene Pak Kit Wu, W.H. Ip
Original scientific paper
A Comparison between Neural Networks and Traditional Forecasting Methods: A Case Study (str.19-24) englishpdf 809 KB
C. A. Mitrea, C. K. M. Lee, Z. Wu
Original scientific paper
The Design of a Lightweight RFID Middleware (str.25-30) englishpdf 820 KB
Fengqun Lin, Bocheng Chen, C.Y. Chan, C.H. Wu, W.H. Ip, Andy Mai, Hongyang Wang, Wenhuang Liu
Original scientific paper
Fuzzy Multiple Regression Model for Estimating Software Development Time (str.31-34) englishpdf 699 KB
Venus Marza, Mir Ali Seyyedi
Original scientific paper
Application Service Providers (ASP) Adoption in Core and Non-Core Functions (str.35-40) englishpdf 838 KB
Aman Y.M. Chan, Vincent Cho
Original scientific paper
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