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Review of psychology, Vol. 17 No. 1, 2010.

Datum izdavanja: srpnja 2010.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 18. 7. 2011.
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Preface to the Special Issue – Contextual effects in Psychology (str.3-4) engleskipdf 111 KB
Dragutin Ivanec
Context – what is it? (str.5-6) engleskipdf 564 KB
Vladimir Kolesarić
The Effect of the Context on the Anisotropy of the Visual Field (str.7-11) engleskipdf 903 KB
Riccardo Luccio, Grazia Caporosso
Colour appearance is affected not only by perceptual but also by linguistic context (str.13-16) engleskipdf 594 KB
Tiziano Agostini, Alessandra Galmonte
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Context effects in visual perception and their explanations (str.17-32) engleskipdf 884 KB
Dejan Todorović
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The brain is a context machine (str.33-38) engleskipdf 627 KB
Danko Nikolić
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Sequential effects are not trivial context effects in psychophysical research (str.39-42) engleskipdf 567 KB
Anja Podlesek
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Measuring individual differences in psychological attributes: A psychometric view of contextual effects (str.43-46) engleskipdf 616 KB
Vesna Buško
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Perception as a Context for Conceptual Processing and Language Understanding (str.47-53) engleskipdf 629 KB
Dražen Domijan, Mia Šetić
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Semantic and related types of priming as a context in word recognition (str.53-58) engleskipdf 605 KB
Tanja Gulan, Pavle Valerjev
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The Effects of Stimulus Context on Components of Simple Reaction Time (str.59-67) engleskipdf 822 KB
Branka Spehar, Vladimir Kolesarić
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Social context of pain perception: the role of other people’s presence and physical distance (str.69-74) engleskipdf 586 KB
Koraljka Modić Stanke, Dragutin Ivanec
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