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Transactions on Maritime Science, Vol. 01 No. 01, 2012

Transactions on Maritime Science,Vol. 01 No. 01
Publication date: April 2012

Published on HRČAK: 20 April 2012
Table of contents Full text
Editor’s Word (str.4-4) englishpdf 295 KB
Ivica Kuzmanić
May the Wind Be at Your Back (str.5-11) englishpdf 169 KB
Matko Marušić
Review article
Valuation of Road Infrastructure in Urban and Traffic Study of the City of Split (str.12-16) englishpdf 4 MB
Hrvoje Baričević, Matija Glad
Preliminary communication
Effectiveness and Ergonomics of Integrated Navigation System (str.17-21) englishpdf 235 KB
Pero Vidan, Tatjana Stanivuk, Toni Bielić
Original scientific paper
Design of Deadlock Prevention Supervisor in Waterway with Multiple Locks and Canals (str.22-34) englishpdf 1 MB
Danko Kezić, Stjepan Bogdan, Josip Kasum
Preliminary communication
Cutting-Edge Mathematical Tools in Processing and Analysis of Signals in Marine and Navy (str.35-46) englishpdf 3 MB
Igor Vujović, Joško Šoda, Ivica Kuzmanić
Preliminary communication
The Importance of Correct Punctuation and Capitalisation (str.47-57) englishpdf 201 KB
Siniša Ninčević, Željka Zanchi
Review article
Vela Luka (str.58-58) croatianpdf 2 MB
Gordana Burica
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