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Datum izdavanja: lipanj 2012.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 1. 7. 2012.
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Sustainable Efficiency of Far-from-equilibrium Systems (str.57-65) engleskipdf 689 KB
Michel Moreau, Bernard Gaveau, Leonard S. Schulman
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What is thermodynamics and what is it for? (str.66-72) engleskipdf 549 KB
Péter Ván, Gyula Gróf
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Entropy, Extropy and the Physical Driver of Irreversibility (str.73-79) engleskipdf 525 KB
Attila Grandpierre
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A Model of an Open Microeconomic System Taking into Account its Objective Function (str.80-87) engleskipdf 586 KB
Serghey A. Amelkin
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Greatest Happiness Principle in a Complex System Approach (str.88-102) engleskipdf 619 KB
Katalin Martinás
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Greatest Happiness Principle in a Complex System: Maximisation versus Driving Force (str.103-113) engleskipdf 574 KB
Katalin Martinás, Zsolt Gilányi
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On Typical Materials Acting as the Dividing Standard of the Development Stages of Human Substance Civilization (str.114-126) engleskipdf 509 KB
Bangwei Zhang
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Computational Analysis of the Spatial Distribution of Pre-Christian Slavic Sacred Sites (str.127-158) engleskipdf 2 MB
Anđelko Đermek
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Determinants of Food Insecurity among Households in Addis Ababa City, Ethiopia (str.159-173) engleskipdf 782 KB
Girma Gezimu Gebre
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Relationship between Personality Traits of the Urban Poor Concerning Solid Waste Management and Household Income and Education (str.174-192) engleskipdf 580 KB
Wahid Md. Murad, Mahadi Md. Hasan, Muhammad Shoeb-Ur-Rahman
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An Analysis of Text Genres Belonging to Bilateral Commissive Text Types Used in the Management of Multinational Corporations for Communication Purposes (str.193-203) engleskipdf 442 KB
Suzana Jurin
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Research System of the Origin of a Musical Work: Case Study of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto K622 (str.204-212) engleskipdf 385 KB
Mihael Paar
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