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Review of Croatian history, Vol. VII No. 1, 2011.

Datum izdavanja: svibanj 2012.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 27. 7. 2012.
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The process of the establishment of the independence of the Republic of Croatia from the perspective of international law (str.11-35) engleskipdf 554 KB
Budislav Vukas
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An avoidable failure: peacekeeping in Croatia (str.37-77) engleskipdf 609 KB
Ivica Miškulin
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The establishment and public activity of the Serbian People's Party in 1991 (str.79-102) engleskipdf 509 KB
Nikica Barić
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The Sarajevo Ceasefire – Realism or strategic error by the Croatian leadership? (str.103-123) engleskipdf 411 KB
Davor Marijan
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Perceptions of the Croatian Democratic Union in the Belgrade weekly Nin during 1990 (str.125-142) engleskipdf 513 KB
Domagoj Knežević
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„The Croats have no right to a state“ – Serbian historiography, autobiographers, and publicists on Croatian state independence (str.143-152) engleskipdf 470 KB
Jakša Raguž
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Truth, history, and the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (str.153-200) engleskipdf 657 KB
James J. Sadkovich
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Croatia's independence building: between principle and realpolitik (str.201-231) engleskipdf 507 KB
Albert Bing
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The Franciscan monastery of St. Francis's wounds in Buda – a cultural center for the Croats in Hungarian Danube region during the 18th century (str.235-250) engleskipdf 404 KB
Robert Skenderović
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Church records as a source of ethnic history: St. Jerome Croatian Catholic Parish in Chicago a case study (str.251-291) engleskipdf 445 KB
Ante Čuvalo
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On the concealment of Ante Pavelić in Austria in 1945-1946 (str.293-313) engleskipdf 454 KB
Ante Delić
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Franjo Šeper: an exceptional personality of the Catholic Church in Croatia and the world. On the 30th anniversary of his death (str.315-335) engleskipdf 930 KB
Josip Kajinić
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