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Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering,Vol. 1 No. 1
Datum izdavanja: kolovoza 2011.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 28. 9. 2012.
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On the stability of perchlorate ions against reductive attacks in electrochemical systems and in the environment. (str.1-26) engleskipdf 598 KB
Maria Ujvari, Gyozo G. Lang
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Effective numbers of electrons as a criterion of carbon suitability as a hemosorbent (str.27-37) engleskipdf 409 KB
Mogely Khubutiya, Boris Grafov, Mikhail Goldin, Alexei Davydov, Vladimir Kolesnikov, Mark Goldin
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External control of anodic dissolution mechanisms of 100Cr6 in nitrate/chloride mixed electrolytes (str.39-54) engleskipdf 514 KB
Andreas Lesch, Gunther Wittstock, Chris Burger, Benjamin Walther, Jurgen Hackenberg
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Removal of arsenic and COD from industrial wastewaters by electrocoagulation (str.55-65) engleskipdf 263 KB
S. Zodi, O. Potier, C. Michon, H. Poirot, G. Valentin, J.P. Leclerc, Francois Lapicque
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Preparation of mesoporous carbon/polypyrrole composite materials and their supercapacitive properties (str.67-73) engleskipdf 1 MB
W.J Zou, S.S. Mo, S.L. Zhou, T.X. Zhou, N.N. Xia, D.S. Yuan
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