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Metalurgija, Vol. 52 No. 2, 2013.

Metalurgija,Vol. 52 No. 2
Datum izdavanja: travnja 2013.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 22. 11. 2012.
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Monografija "Metalurgija, uvijek prosperitet za čovječanstvo", Hrvatsko metalurško društvo, Zagreb 2012. (str.148-148) hrvatskipdf 602 KB
Monograph "Metallurgy, always prosperity for humanity", Croatian Metallurgical Socie4ty, Zagreb 2012 (str.148-148)  
Buršak Marian
Recenzija, Prikaz slučaja
The analysis of quality of ferrous burden materials and its effect on the parameters of blast furnace process (str.149-152) engleskipdf 638 KB
E. Kardas
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Numerical analysis of the non-metallic inclusions distribution and separation in a two-strand tundish (str.153-156) engleskipdf 814 KB
M. Warzecha, T. Merder
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Cast strand’s structure quality research in respect to method of the liquid steel flow through cc device’s tundish (str.157-160) engleskipdf 758 KB
J. Pieprzyca
Izvorni znanstveni članak
Effect of casting flow rate on steel flow phenomena in tundish (str.161-164) engleskipdf 836 KB
T. Merder
Izvorni znanstveni članak
Modeling of solidification of MMC composites during gravity casting process (str.165-168) engleskipdf 735 KB
R. Zagórski, S. Golak
Izvorni znanstveni članak
Dielectric hardening method of sandmixes containing hydrated sodium silicate (str.169-172) engleskipdf 692 KB
M. Stachowicz, K. Granat, D. Nowak
Izvorni znanstveni članak
Mechanism of an acoustic wave impact on steel during solidification (str.173-176) engleskipdf 570 KB
K. Nowacki, P. Musiał, T. Lis
Izvorni znanstveni članak
Model investigations 3D of gas-powder two phase flow in descending bed with consideration radial distribution of flow (str.177-180) engleskipdf 786 KB
B. Panic
Izvorni znanstveni članak
The effect of variable loading onintegrity of a welded joint of high alloy-steel X20 (str.181-184) engleskipdf 844 KB
Z. Burzić, Dž. Gačo, F. Islamović, M. Burzić, E. Bajramović
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Investigation of the influence of hybrid layers on the life time of hot forging dies (str.185-188) engleskipdf 683 KB
S. Legutko, A. Meller, M. Gajek
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Influence of physical and chemical factors on biological leaching process of copper from printed circuit boards (str.189-192) engleskipdf 634 KB
J. Willner
Izvorni znanstveni članak
The effect of blast furnace coke quality on the possibility of its use (str.193-196) engleskipdf 621 KB
A. Konstanciak
Prethodno priopćenje
The cycle and effect of zinc in the blast-furnace process (str.197-200) engleskipdf 829 KB
P. Besta, K. Janovská, A. Samolejová, A. Beránková, I. Vozňáková, M. Hendrych
Prethodno priopćenje
Modeling of the process of coal grinding (str.201-203) engleskipdf 660 KB
T. Wyleciał, H. Radomiak, D. Urbaniak
Prethodno priopćenje
Impact of the density of the mould powder on thickness of the layer of liquid slag in the continuous caster mould (str.204-206) engleskipdf 540 KB
H. Kania, K. Nowacki, T. Lis
Prethodno priopćenje
Determination of the binder in sand molds with the use of microwaves (str.207-210) engleskipdf 727 KB
D. Nowak, M. Stachowicz, K. Granat
Prethodno priopćenje
Possibilities of using microwave heating in disposal process of thermo and selfsetting sandmixes (str.211-214) engleskipdf 920 KB
D. Nowak, M. Stachowicz, K. Granat, M. Pigiel
Prethodno priopćenje
Model and optimization of electromagnetic filtration of metals (str.215-218) engleskipdf 774 KB
S. Golak, R. Zagorski
Prethodno priopćenje
Platinum recovery from used auto catalytic converters in electrorefining process (str.219-222) engleskipdf 795 KB
A. Fornalczyk, M. Saternus
Prethodno priopćenje
Electromagnetic field analysis of inductor-robot-work-piece system (str.223-226) engleskipdf 749 KB
A. Smalcerz, R. Przyłucki
Prethodno priopćenje
The effect of pre-strain on fatigue for a high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel (str.227-230) engleskipdf 881 KB
D. Aguirre-Guerrero, A. Juárez-Hernández, M. A. L. Hernández-Rodríguez, R. Morales, I. Ruiz
Prethodno priopćenje
Researches regarding the optimization of thermal treatment depending on hardness for maraging 300 steel (str.231-234) engleskipdf 624 KB
A. Nioaţă
Prethodno priopćenje
Induction heating of gears - pulsing dual-frequency concept (str.235-238) engleskipdf 711 KB
R. Przyłucki, A. Smalcerz
Prethodno priopćenje
Analysis of the microstructure evolution during thermo-mechanical treatment of the steel plates in grade X80-X100 (str.239-242) engleskipdf 939 KB
M. Knapinski, H. Dyja, A. Kawalek, T. Fraczek, K. Laber
Prethodno priopćenje
Corrosion resistance tests of magnesium alloy WE43 after extrusion (str.243-246) engleskipdf 824 KB
J. Przondziono, W. Walke, E. Hadasik, J. Szala, J. Wieczorek
Prethodno priopćenje
Researches regarding structural modifications that appears in the material of tools used for rubber waste attrition (str.247-250) engleskipdf 1 MB
D. Dobrotă, C. Iancu
Prethodno priopćenje
The designing of the four – component composition of the blend of the polymer fibres on the basis of the numerical simulation (str.251-254) engleskipdf 1 MB
B. Davidović, D. Letić, V. Petrović, I. Berković, B. Radulović, D. Z. Živković
Prethodno priopćenje
Application of water jetfor cutting polymer materials (str.255-258) engleskipdf 726 KB
A. Stoić, M. Duspara, B. Kosec, M. Stoić, I. Samardžić
Prethodno priopćenje
Predicting the surface roughness in the dry machining of duplex stainless steel (DSS) (str.259-262) engleskipdf 686 KB
G. Krolczyk, S. Legutko, M. Gajek
Prethodno priopćenje
Methods of preparing deposits containing iron oxides for recycling (str.263-266) engleskipdf 544 KB
T. Lis, P. Musiał, K. Nowacki
Pregledni rad
Possible ways of refining precious group metals (PGM) obtained from recycling of the used auto catalytic converters (str.267-270) engleskipdf 668 KB
M. Saternus, A. Fornalczyk
Pregledni rad
Logistic model of the security system in the military industry repair sector (str.271-274) engleskipdf 832 KB
P. Ranitović, I. Tot, B. Đorović, G. Tepić, V. V. Todić
Pregledni rad
SECI model and facilitation in change management in metallurgical enterprise (str.275-278) engleskipdf 642 KB
K. Grzybowska, B. Gajdzik
Pregledni rad
Theoretical and experimental research on the use of expert systems (ES) in assessing risks of failure in metallurgical companies (str.279-281) engleskipdf 613 KB
E. Iancu, I. Cibotariu
Pregledni rad
Economic opportunities for the exploitation of copper ore in the Romanian Carpathians (str.282-284) engleskipdf 796 KB
I. Bostan
Pregledni rad
Internal sources of risk in building employees’ attitudes of safe work in metallurgical enterprise (str.285-288) engleskipdf 641 KB
B. Gajdzik, K. Grzybowska
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