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Publication date: December 2002

Published on HRČAK: 15 April 2013
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Contents (str.2-3) englishpdf 55 KB
Christian Philosophy (str.5-14)  
Christliche Philosophie (str.5-14) germanpdf 107 KB
Carlo Huber
Professional paper
Thousand qualifications, four standpoints and three lessons (str.15-38)  
Tausend Qualifikationen, vier Sichtweisen und drei Lektionen (str.15-38) germanpdf 258 KB
Clemens Sedmak
Original scientific paper
Was Ludwig Wittgenstein Religious? (str.39-49)  
War Ludwig Wittgenstein Religiös? (str.39-49) germanpdf 141 KB
Ivan Macan
Original scientific paper
Isn't it better ti be silent in hope and frankness. Knowledge and faith by M. Heidegger (str.51-69)  
Ist es doch nicht am besten, in hoffender Offenheit zu schweigen? Wissen und Glauben bei Martin Heidegger (str.51-69) germanpdf 202 KB
Ivan Kordić
Original scientific paper
Social teaching of the Church in Croatia (str.73-90) englishpdf 225 KB
Stjepan Baloban
Original scientific paper
History of social market economy and its ancestors (str.91-96)  
Geschichte der Socialen Marktwirtshaft und ihre Väter (str.91-96) germanpdf 113 KB
Werner Ringkamp
The controversy of the social market economy. A discussion from the perspective of Christian social ethics (str.97-111)  
Der Streit um die Soziale Marktwirtschaft. Ein Diskussionsbeitrag aus der Perspektive christlitcher Socialethik (str.97-111) germanpdf 195 KB
Ursula Nothelle-Wildfeuer
Professional paper
Economic ethics and Catholic social teachings in a globalisation process (str.113-124) englishpdf 162 KB
Ivan Koprek
Original scientific paper
Some economic aspects of globalization: blessing or curse! (str.125-144) englishpdf 232 KB
Mate Babić
Original scientific paper
Social market economy: limits and orientations of reforms (str.145-155)  
Soziale Marktwirtschaft: Reformblockaden und Orientierungen (str.145-155) germanpdf 132 KB
Matthias Meyer
Professional paper
Buddhist approach to interreligious dialogue (str.159-169) englishpdf 130 KB
Tenzin Gyatzo, Dalai Lama
Conference paper
Against the worldwide trafficking in human beings as modern - day form of slavery. Looking from Traditional Islamic Perspective (str.171-173) englishpdf 120 KB
Nevad Katheran
Philosophical experiment (str.177-180) englishpdf 75 KB
Rudolf Brajčić
Patient autonomy between right and duty. Patient health education programmes: a cost containment measure - way of controlling the demand (str.181-185) englishpdf 148 KB
Patricia Majdak
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