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Publication date: December 2009

Published on HRČAK: 03 May 2013
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Contents (str.2-2) englishpdf 49 KB
Philosophical morphology (str.3-20) englishpdf 2 MB
Josip Lukin, Kristijan Krkač
Original scientific paper
Freedom and its incomprehensibility. To the history of the concept of freedom (str.23-41)  
Freiheit und ihre Unbegreiflichkeit. Zur Geschite des Freiheitsbegrieffs (str.23-41) germanpdf 184 KB
Ivan Kordić
Original scientific paper
The need for virtue in the crises? (str.43-49)  
Nutzt die Tugend in der Krise? (str.43-49) germanpdf 101 KB
Christian Beck
Professional paper
Business Ethics in the Republic of Croatia - results of a study (str.51-81) englishpdf 2 MB
Ivan Koprek, Nediljka Rogošič
Original scientific paper
Religious experts: religion studies principles and modern manifestations (str.85-98)  
Religiöse experten: religionswissenschaftliche grundlagen und moderne ausformungen (str.85-98) germanpdf 193 KB
Theresia Heimerl
Original scientific paper
Listening to "auditores" and "auditors" as a signifier of religious experience in Scientology (str.99-107)  
Von "auditores" und "auditoren" Hören als Signifikant religiösen Expertentums in Scientology (str.99-107) germanpdf 157 KB
Christian Feichtinger
Professional paper
The image of the Virgin Mary In the Work "Porta coeli et aeterna life" (1678) by OFM Ivan Ančić (str.111-124)  
L'immagine della Madonna Nell'Opera "Porta coeli et vita aeterna" (1678) Di Fra Ivan Ančić (str.111-124) italianpdf 201 KB
Hrvojka Salopek
Original scientific paper
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