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Datum izdavanja: prosinca 2013.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 19. 12. 2013.
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Modelling Enzymatic Reduction of 2-keto-D-glucose by Suspended Aldose Reductase (str.385-395) engleskipdf 1 MB
G. Maria, M. D. Ene
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A Novel Dual-Membranes WGS Reactor with Palladium Alloy and Polyvinyl Alcohol Membranes for Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery (str.397-406) engleskipdf 5 MB
M. Rahimipanah, M. Baniadam, S. H. Noie Baghban, M. Mahdavian
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Computer Simulation of Catalytic Oxidation of Gaseous Ammonia in Bubbling Fluidized Bed (str.407-415) engleskipdf 1 MB
P. Kannan, A. Al Shoaibi, C. Srinivasakannan
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Interaction of β-Lactoglobulin with Resveratrol: Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies (str.417-422) engleskipdf 1 MB
M. Sahihi, Y. Ghayeb, A. Khalegh Bordbar
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The Influence of Treatment of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Inoculum with a Magnetic Field on Subsequent Grape Must Fermentation (str.423-429) engleskipdf 3 MB
M. Berlot, T. Rehar, D. Fefer, M. Berovic
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Preparation and Property of Urease Immobilization with Cationic Poly(4-vinylpyridine) Functionalized Colloidal Particles (str.431-437) engleskipdf 1 MB
J. Zhou, J. Cao, W. Huang, L. Huang, Y. Wang, S. Zhang, Y. Yuan, D. Hua
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Biocatalytic Synthesis of Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate: A Comparison of Different Commercial Lipases (str.439-448) engleskipdf 730 KB
S. Ortega, J. L. Gómez, J. Bastida, M. F. Máximo, M. C. Montiel, M. Gómez
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Release of β-galactosidase by Permeabilization of Indigenously Isolated Lactobacillus acidophilus Using Lysozyme (str.449-456) engleskipdf 1 MB
H. S. Choonia, S. S. Lele
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Application of Experimental Design and Canonical Analysis of Response Surfaces to the Optimization of Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoates) Production by Pseudomonas aeruginosa 42A2 (str.457-465) engleskipdf 704 KB
E. Rodríguez-Carmona, A. Manresa, J. Bastida
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Acidogenic Fermentation Towards Valorisation of Organic Waste Streams into Volatile Fatty Acids (str.467-476) engleskipdf 1 MB
F. C. Silva, L. S. Serafim, H. Nadais, L. Arroja, I. Capela
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Boiler-Feed and Process Water Reclamation from Biotreated Palm Oil Mill Effluent (BPOME): A Developmental Review (str.477-489) engleskipdf 1 MB
M. S. Jami, M. K. Amosa, M. F. R. Alkhatib, D. N. Jimat, S. A. Muyibi
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Ultrasonic Disintegration of Sewage Sludge to Increase Biogas Generation (str.491-497) engleskipdf 1 MB
I. Zawieja, L. Wolny
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Improvement of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Steam-exploded Wheat Straw by Simultaneous Glucose and Xylose Liberation (str.499-509) engleskipdf 4 MB
M. Marcos, M. T. García-Cubero, G. González-Benito, M. Coca, S. Bolado, S. Lucas
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Flocculating Properties of a Bioflocculant Produced by Bacillus sp. Isolated from a Marine Environment in South Africa (str.511-518) engleskipdf 5 MB
A. M. Ugbenyen, A. I. Okoh
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