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Publication date: December 2013

Published on HRČAK: 23 December 2013
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Analyses of Environmental Impacts of Non Hazardous Regional Landfills in Macedonia (str.281-290) englishpdf 821 KB
Katerina Donevska, Joze Jovanovski, Milorad Jovanovski, Petko Pelivanoski
Original scientific paper
District Heating Network Design and Configuration Optimization with Genetic Algorithm (str.291-303) englishpdf 1 MB
Hongwei Li, Sven Svendsen
Original scientific paper
Sustainable Development as a Meta-Context for Engineering Education (str.304-310) englishpdf 562 KB
Karel Mulder, Cheryl Desha, Karlson 'Charlie' Hargroves
Original scientific paper
The Potential in Water Supply and Sanitation Services of the On Site Production of Sodium Hypochlorite (OSEC) Driven by PV Solar Source (str.311-325) englishpdf 864 KB
Andrea Micangeli, Emanuele Michelangeli, Vincenzo Naso, Nicola Iannuzzo
Original scientific paper
Assessment of Co-benefits of Clean Development Projects Based on the Project Design Documents of India’s Power’s Sector Currently under Registration and Validation (str.326-339) englishpdf 741 KB
Ryo Eto, Akinobu Murata, Yohji Uchiyama, Keiichi Okajima
Original scientific paper
Non-Compliance with Building Energy Regulations: The Profile, Issues, and Implications on Practice and Policy in England and Wales (str.340-351) englishpdf 588 KB
Helen Garmston, Wei Pan
Original scientific paper
Potential of ORC Systems to Retrofit CHP Plants in Wastewater Treatment Stations (str.352-374) englishpdf 1 MB
Ricardo Chacartegui, Jose Muñoz de Escalona, Jose A. Becerra, Alonso Fernández, David Sánchez
Original scientific paper
Trigeneration Plants in Italian Large Retail Sector: a Calculation Model for the TPF Projects with Evaluation of all the Incentivizing Mechanisms (str.375-389) englishpdf 863 KB
Diego Di Palma, Marco Lucentini, Flavio Rottenberg
Original scientific paper
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