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Publication date: September 2005

Published on HRČAK: 22 March 2006
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QTL Detection for Agronomic Traits in Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) (str.65-73) englishpdf 211 KB
Carmen Maria Avila, Zlatko Šatović, Josefa Carmen Sillero, Salvador Nadal, Diego Rubiales, Maria Teresa Moreno, Ana Maria Torres
Original scientific paper
Genetic Diversity in Rosa as Revealed by RAPDs (str.75-85) englishpdf 287 KB
Sergio Gustavo Atienza, Ana Maria Torres, Teresa Millan, Jose Ignacio Cubero
Original scientific paper
Comparison of Different Methods for Classification of Gene Bank Accessions (str.87-91) englishpdf 131 KB
Zrinka Knezović, Jerko Gunjača, Zlatko Šatović, Ivan Kolak
Original scientific paper
Selection of Indigenous Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strains from Kutjevo Wine Growing Area at the Laboratoy Scale (str.93-97) englishpdf 112 KB
Sandi Orlić, Nenad Očić, Ana Jeromel, Katarina Huić, Sulejman Redžepović
Original scientific paper
Ultrasonic Extraction and TLC Determination of Glyphosate in the Spiked Red Soils (str.99-103) englishpdf 199 KB
Sandra Babić, Anita Zelenika, Jelena Macan, Marija Kaštelan-Macan
Original scientific paper
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