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Journal of computing and information technology,Vol. 21 No. 4
Publication date: January 2014

Published on HRČAK: 29 January 2014
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Editorial (str.I-II) englishpdf 80 KB
Vlado Glavinić
An Extended Model for Multi-Criteria Software Component Allocation on a Heterogeneous Embedded Platform (str.211-222) englishPDF 701 KB
Ivan Švogor, Ivica Crnkovic, Neven Vrcek
Original scientific paper
Enhancing the Security Level of SHA-1 by Replacing the MD Paradigm (str.223-233) englishPDF 999 KB
Harshvardhan Tiwari, Krishna Asawa
Original scientific paper
Relationships Between Relevant Contextual Influences and Information Security Threats and Controls in Global Financial Services Industry (str.235-246) englishPDF 532 KB
Princely Ifinedo
Original scientific paper
Unsupervised Color Image Segmentation Based on Non Parametric Clustering (str.247-254) englishPDF 738 KB
Imène Kirati, Yamina Tlili
Original scientific paper
Decision Support Technique for Supply Chain Management (str.255-268) englishPDF 698 KB
Mohamed Elhadi Bounif, Mustapha Bourahla
Original scientific paper
Evaluating Profitability Based on Integrated Method: A Case Study of Chinese Listed Airlines and Airports (str.269-279) englishPDF 270 KB
Zhi-yuan Li, Chong Wu, Xin-ying Zhang, Yujin Li
Original scientific paper
Author Index (str.281-283) englishpdf 74 KB
Subject Index (str.285-286) englishpdf 59 KB
List of Referees (str.287-289) englishpdf 78 KB
List of Invited Section Editors (str.291) englishpdf 66 KB
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