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Food Technology and Biotechnology, Vol. 41 No. 3, 2003

Food Technology and Biotechnology,Vol. 41 No. 3
Publication date: September 2003

Published on HRČAK: 27 March 2014
Table of contents Full text
A Model for Converting Solid State Fermentation Growth Profiles Between Absolute and Relative Measurement Bases (str.191-201) englishpdf 158 KB
Graciele Viccini, David A. Mitchell, Nadia Krieger
Original scientific paper
Evaluation of Specific Oxygen Uptake Rates with Reference to Biocatalytic D-Sorbitol Oxidation Systems (str.203-209) englishpdf 235 KB
Krešo Mihaljević, Marijan Bošnjak
Original scientific paper
Enrichment and Characterization of Atrazine Degrading Bacterial Communities (str.211-217) englishpdf 143 KB
Nikolina Udiković, Dubravka Hršak, Gordana Mendaš, Daša Filipčić
Original scientific paper
Improvement of Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes Production by Alginate Encapsulated Trichoderma spp. (str.219-225) englishpdf 106 KB
Momein H. El-Katatny, Ahmed M. Hetta, Gehan M. Shaban, Hesham M. El-Komy
Original scientific paper
Systemic Character of Legionnaires’ Disease – A Murine Model (str.227-230) englishpdf 114 KB
Marina Šantić, Michael Bozic, Harald H. Kessler, Miljenko Dorić
Preliminary communication
Reduction in Acidity by Chemical and Microbiological Methods and Their Effect on Moslavac Wine Quality (str.231-236) englishpdf 73 KB
Stanka Herjavec, Ana Majdak, Pavica Tupajić, Sulejman Redžepović, Sandi Orlić
Preliminary communication
Optimization of Enzymatically Prepared Hexyl Butyrate by Lipozyme IM-77 (str.237-242) englishpdf 223 KB
Shu-Wei Chang, Jei-Fu Shaw, Chwen-Jen Shieh
Short communication, Note
Studies on Aspergillus oryzae Mutants for the Production of Single Cell Proteins from Deoiled Rice Bran (str.243-246) englishpdf 84 KB
Rudravaram Ravinder, Linga Venkateshwar Rao, Pogaku Ravindra
Short communication, Note
The Effect of Liquid Absorption on Gas Barrier Properties of Triplex Film Coated with Silicon Oxide (str.247-251) englishpdf 113 KB
Kata Galić, Nada Ciković
Preliminary communication
Influence of Indigenous Starter Cultures on the Free Fatty Acids Content During Ripening in Artisan Sausages Produced in the Basilicata Region (str.253-258) englishpdf 106 KB
Fernanda Galgano, Fabio Favati, Maria Schirone, Maria Martuscelli, Maria Antonietta Crudele
Professional paper
Production of Antibodies in Chickens (str.259-267) englishpdf 110 KB
Mojca Narat
Review article
Macromolecular Databases – A Background of Bioinformatics (str.269-286) englishpdf 2 MB
Dubravko Jelić, Tibor Toth, Donatella Verbanac
Review article
Comprehensive Enzyme Kinetics - Book review (str.287-287) englishpdf 31 KB
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