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Transactions on Maritime Science, Vol. 03 No. 01, 2014

Transactions on Maritime Science,Vol. 03 No. 01
Publication date: April 2014

Published on HRČAK: 18 April 2014
Table of contents Full text
From Editor-in-Chief (str.4-4) englishpdf 55 KB
Ivica Kuzmanić
Applied to Determine the Shape and Operational Condition of New Ports – Mielno Port Case Study (str.5-13) englishpdf 833 KB
Lucjan Gucma, Maciej Gucma, Rafał Gralak
Original scientific paper
Seafarer Cross-Generational Competence Skills (str.14-19) englishpdf 89 KB
Olena Tyron
Preliminary communication
Optimization of Ship Propulsion Diesel Engine to Fulfill the New Requirements for Exhaust Emissions (str.20-31) englishpdf 194 KB
Branko Lalić, Ivan Komar, Danilo Nikolić
Preliminary communication
Traffic Video Surveillance in Different Weather Conditions (str.32-41) englishpdf 288 KB
Igor Vujović, Marjan Jurčević, Ivica Kuzmanić
Preliminary communication
Institute of Excepted Perils under the Rotterdam Rules 2009 (str.42-52) englishpdf 109 KB
Nikola Mandić
Preliminary communication
Meteorological Safety of Entering Eastern Adriatic Ports (str.53-60) englishpdf 115 KB
Ružica Popović, Mirsad Kulović, Tatjana Stanivuk
Review article
Transition Words in Academic Writing (str.61-68) englishpdf 114 KB
Bisera Plančić, Siniša Ninčević
Professional paper
News from IMO (str.70-72) englishpdf 62 KB
Tatjana Krilić
MARITIME HERITAGE: Veli Jože, the Floating Crane that Assured Her Place in the History: The Gentle Giant of the Adriatic (str.73-83) englishpdf 2 MB
Marijan Žuvić
Muore (str.90-91)  
The Sea (str.90-91) englishpdf 51 KB
Ivica Jakšić
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