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Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering : Journal for Theory and Application of Forestry Engineering,Vol. 35 No. 1
Publication date: March 2014

Published on HRČAK: 23 April 2014
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Effect of Chipper Type, Biomass Type and Blade Wear on Productivity, Fuel Consumption and Product Quality (str.1-7) englishpdf 470 KB
Carla Nati, Lars Eliasson, Raffaele Spinelli
Original scientific paper
Fuel Chip Supply System with Low Price Mobile Chippers (str.9-14) englishpdf 835 KB
Mika Yoshida, Hideo Sakai
Original scientific paper
Comparing Two Different Approaches in Modeling Small Diameter Energy Wood Drying in Logwood Piles (str.15-22) englishpdf 1 MB
Gernot Erber, Johanna Routa, Marja Kolstrom, Christian Kanzian, Lauri Sikanen, Karl Stampfer
Original scientific paper
Opportunities to Use Thinning Wood as Raw Material for Wood Pellets (str.23-33) englishpdf 935 KB
Simo Paukkunen
Original scientific paper
Use of Marketing Tools in the Slovakian Forest Biomass Trade (str.35-44) englishpdf 400 KB
Daniel Halaj, Yvonne Brodrechtova
Original scientific paper
Examining the Optimal Bucking Method to Maximize Profits in Commercial Thinning Operations in Nasunogahara Area, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan (str.45-61) englishpdf 2 MB
Chikara Nakahata, Kazuhiro Aruga, Masashi Saito
Original scientific paper
Soil Compaction and Recovery after Mechanized Final Felling of Italian Coastal Pine Plantations (str.63-71) englishpdf 495 KB
Miroslav Kleibl, Radomir Klvač, Carolina Lombardini, Josef Porhaly, Raffaele Spinelli
Original scientific paper
Effects of Skidder Passes and Slope on Soil Disturbance in Two Soil Water Contents (str.73-80) englishpdf 681 KB
Ramin Naghdi, Ahmad Solgi
Original scientific paper
Untreated Wood Ash as a Structural Stabilizing Material in Forest Roads (str.81-89) englishpdf 2 MB
Gerald Bohrn, Karl Stampfer
Original scientific paper
Prospects and Challenges of Timber Trucking in a Changing Operational Environment in Finland (str.91-100) englishpdf 375 KB
Jukka Malinen, Ville Nousiainen, Kari Palojarvi, Teijo Palander
Original scientific paper
Determining a Fire Potential Map Based on Stand Age, Stand Closure and Tree Species, Using Satellite Imagery (Kastamonu Central Forest Directorate Sample) (str.101-108) englishpdf 2 MB
Burak Aricak, Omer Kucuk, Korhan Enez
Original scientific paper
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