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Psychological topics, Vol. 23 No. 1, 2014

Publication date: April 2014

Published on HRČAK: 30 April 2014
Table of contents Full text
How Does Metacognition Contribute to the Regulation of Learning? An Integrative Approach (str.1-30) englishpdf 201 KB
Anastasia Efklides
Review article
High School Students' Adaptation of Task Definitions, Goals and Plans to Task Complexity – The Impact of Epistemic Beliefs (str.31-52) englishpdf 308 KB
Stephanie Pieschl, Freia Stallmann, Rainer Bromme
Original scientific paper
Examining Change in Metacognitive Knowledge and Metacognitive Control During Motor Learning: What Can be Learned by Combining Methodological Approaches? (str.53-76) englishpdf 218 KB
Claire Sangster Jokić, David Whitebread
Original scientific paper
Development of Metacognitive Knowledge of Reading Strategies and Attitudes Toward Reading in Early Adolescence: The Effect on Reading Comprehension (str.77-98) englishpdf 225 KB
Svjetlana Kolić-Vehovec, Barbara Rončević Zubković, Rosanda Pahljina-Reinić
Original scientific paper
Assessing Developmental Differences inMetacognitive Skills With Computer Logfiles: Gender by Age Interactions (str.99-113) englishpdf 233 KB
Marcel V.J. Veenman, Rob D. Hesselink, Shannon Sleeuwaegen, Sophie I.E. Liem, Marieke G.P. Van Haaren
Original scientific paper
Metacognitive Knowledge in Relation to Inquiry Skills and Knowledge Acquisition Within a Computer-Supported Inquiry Learning Environment (str.115-141) englishpdf 507 KB
Zrinka Ristić Dedić
Original scientific paper
Metacognitive Judgments and Syllogistic Reasoning (str.143-166) englishpdf 196 KB
Igor Bajšanski, Maja Močibob, Pavle Valerjev
Original scientific paper
Neuroimaging Evidence of Comprehension Monitoring (str.167-187) englishpdf 136 KB
Linda Baker, Alisa Zeliger-Kandasamy, Laura U. DeWyngaert
Review article
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