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Journal of mathematical inequalities

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ISSN 1846-579X (Tisak)
Izdavač: Element
  Menceticeva 2, Zagreb

The 'Journal of Mathematical Inequalities' ('JMI') presents carefully selected original research articles from all areas of pure and applied mathematics, provided they are concerned with mathematical inequalities and their numerous applications. 'JMI' will also periodically publish invited survey articles and short notes with interesting results treating the theory of inequalities, as well as relevant book reviews. Only articles written in the English language and in a lucid, expository style will be considered for publication.

'JMI' is published quarterly; in March, June, September, and December.

Prva godina izlaženja: 2007

Učestalost izlaženja (godišnje): 4

Područja pokrivanja: Prirodne znanosti; Matematika;

Uključen u Hrčak: 20.02.2011.


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