Collaborative Strategic View in Corporate Social Responsibility – Construction Industry Case


  • Lana Lovrenčić Butković University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Dina Tomšić Zagreb Fair Ltd.
  • Simona Kaselj HŽ Infrastruktura d.o.o.


construction industry, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder engagment, collaboration, non-financial reporting


Background: The incorporation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) into the business strategy of construction firms boosts their corporate reputation, while at the same time reduces the risk and the external pressure for minimizing a negative societal footprint. Objectives: This study aims to determine the current state of CSR in the Croatian construction industry, in terms of knowing and practicing, and to offer a collaborative strategic view as a viable CSR approach. Methods/Approach: A survey research among large Croatian construction companies regarding CSR in the context of collaboration with stakeholders was carried out and the results were analyzed using the multidimensional unfolding procedure. Results: Results show that for the Croatian construction companies CSR activities are important, but they are not widely seen as a benefit to overall business strategies yet. Conclusions: Results of the research could be helpful to construction firms in the efficient and effective stakeholder engagement, as well as in the development of the calibrated CSR strategy.






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