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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2021): Journal of Bioanthropology
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Here we are! We are celebrating the release of the first issue of our new journal. Journal of Bioanthropology is a multi and interdisciplinary scientific journal that focuses on scientific research in the field of biological anthropology, bioarchaeology, biomechanics, biomedicine, ergonomics, forensics, genetics, human evolution, molecular anthropology, public health and related subjects.

Compared to other scientific disciplines, anthropology boasts a huge number of admirers, who are probably not even aware that since their first significant observation of the environment in childhood they have somehow become amateur bioanthropologists. Namely, by knowing themselves as individuals and individual parts of the body, putting feet in the mouth, sucking a finger, pushing a finger into an eye, ear or nose, each member of Homo sapiens made a small bioanthropological experiment of getting to know the human body. These were certainly the first steps towards gathering bioanthropological knowledge about oneself, but also about the biological characteristics of our species. This is the first step in which man studies himself as a biological object and in which he compares himself with his environment and tries to classify himself in a specific biotype, population, species or, what worries pastors, a race.

Published: 2022-01-11

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