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Journal of Maritime & Transportation Sciences

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Status in HRČAK: active
ISSN 0554-6397 (Print)
ISSN 1848-9052 (Online)
UDK: 338.47:656.61:504.054(05)
Contact: Udruga za proučavanje i razvoj pomorstva
Uredništvo Pomorskog zbornika
Glavni urednik: Izv. prof. dr. sc. Siniša Vilke
Adresa: Studentska 2, Rijeka, Hrvatska
Tel.: 051/338-411
GSM: 091/443-4475
IBAN: HR9023400091117017629
Publisher: Association for Research and Development of Maritime Industries
  Studentska 2, Rijeka
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Journal of Maritime and Transportation Sciences is a multidisciplinary scientific journal under the publishing of the Association for Promotion and Development of Maritime Industries. The Journal is published semiannually since 1963. The following core topics are covered within the Journal's publishing scope:
• cartography
• inland waterways
• intelligent transport systems
• intermodal and multimodal transport
• marine geology
• maritime and traffic law
• maritime electronics
• modern transportation and maritime technologies
• navigation
• navigation information systems
• protection of the sea and coastal environment
• safety on sea
• marine engineering
• shipping and traffic economics
• tourism
• traffic logistics
• transport infrastructure, superstructure and equipment

The Journal further covers other areas of technical, natural and social sciences multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary related to maritime affairs, transportation and traffic.

Papers published in the Journal are classified as scientific papers, professional papers, short communications, news, reviews, conference communications and reports.

Peer review: peer review, equally national and international peer review, double, all papers, open peer review

First year of publication: 1963

Frequency (annually): 2

Scientific disciplines and subdisciplines: Geology; Geophysics; Shipbuilding; Traffic and Transport Technology; Economics; Law;

Date added to HRČAK: 19 April 2010

Rights: Open Access Statement
The Journal of Maritime & Transportation Sciences is published as a fully open access journal.
Therefore, Journal's readers can download articles free of charge, copy them, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of Journal's articles.

The Journal of Maritime & Transportation Sciences does not charge author for publishing in the Journal.There is no charge for any reader to read and download articles.

Plagiarism is a form of piracy that involves the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language (figures images or tables) and thoughts of others and the representation of them as one’s own original work without permission or acknowledgment by the author of the source of these materials. Plagiarism generally involves the use of materials from others, but can apply to researchers’ duplication of their own previously published reports without acknowledgment (this is sometimes called self-plagiarism or duplicate publication). (Council of Science Editors. Sample correspondence.).

License terms and copyright
The Journal of Maritime & Transportation Sciences operates under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence. Authors retain the copyright and publishing rights of all articles and materials published in the journal under their name as long as proper attribution is respected.


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