A Multidimensional Decision Making for Supplier Selection in the presence of Information Systems


  • Hamed Fazlollahtabar Damghan University


Information Systems (IS) have turned into vital means for companies to survive in the contemporary technology-oriented environment. Subsequently, over the last decades, this has brought about the heavy investment of companies in ISs to guarantee high-quality products and services. Similarly, supplier selection (SS) plays an inescapable role in today's business. In addition, there are several studies published showing the importance of the ISs in the SS problem. However, there has not been any work evaluating the effectiveness of ISs on the SS problem, including a comprehensive and up-to-date SS model. Therefore, this study proposed a complete model including six criteria that are almost most important and shared in the literature: sustainability, reliability, resiliency, greenness, risk and cost, and 31 sub-criteria. Then the effectiveness of 10 ISs on the SS problem has been shown through using BWM in two consecutive stages, and then the model conducted in Emdadkhodro automotive company to show its practicality and accuracy.






CRORR Journal Regular Issue