A Valuable Remark on Lipschitz in the First Variable Definition and System of Nonlinear Variational Inequalities


  • Ayache Benhadid Banta 2 university


The goal of this paper is to present a critique on the incorrect use of the Lipschitz definition concerning the first variable and/or the second variable in the literature on the system of variational
inequalities by many authors. The possible impact of this paper is rather important, it questions the results of different authors, particularly when taking into account that some of these papers are
published in quite good mathematical journals. As a result, not only that the proofs are wrong, but also the credibility of the theorems themselves is compromised. In addition, this paper illustrate, using
a counterexample, that there is an error in setting up first variable definition and the results obtained in listed references do not hold up in H × H.






CRORR Journal Regular Issue