Cost-benefit analysis of the ATM automatic deposit service


  • Ivica Županović
  • Marko Hell
  • Dino Pavlić


Bankers and other financial experts have analyzed the value of automated teller machines (ATM) in terms of growing consumer demand, rising costs of technology development, decreasing profitability and market share. This paper presents a step-by-step cost-benefit analysis of the ATM automatic deposit service. The first step is to determine user attitudes towards using ATM automatic deposit service by using the
Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The second step is to determine location priorities for ATMs that provide automatic deposit services using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) model. The results of the previous steps enable a highly efficient application of cost-benefit analysis for evaluating costs and benefits of automatic deposit services. To understand fully the proposed procedure outside of theoretical terms, a realworld application of a case study is conducted.






CRORR Journal Regular Issue