Finding an optimal seating arrangement for employees traveling to an event


  • Ninoslav Čerkez IN2 d.o.o.
  • Rebeka Čorić Department of Mathematics, University of Osijek
  • Mateja Đumić Department of Mathematics, University of Osijek
  • Domagoj Matijević Department of Mathematics, University of Osijek


The paper deals with modelling a specific problem called the Optimal Seating Arrangement (OSA) as an Integer Linear Program and demonstrated that the problem can be efficiently solved by combining branch-and-bound and cutting plane methods. OSA refers to a specific scenario that could possibly happen in a corporative environment, i.e. when a company endeavors to minimize travel costs when employees travel to an organized event. Each employee is free to choose the time to travel to and from an event and it depends on personal reasons. The paper differentiates between using different travel possibilities in the OSA problem, such as using company assigned or a company owned vehicles, private vehicles or using public transport, if needed. Also, a user-friendly web application was made and is available to the public for testing purposes.


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