An approach to uncertainty in emergency service systems via scenarios and fuzzy values


  • Jaroslav Janáček
  • Marek Kvet


When a service system is being designed, its resistance to randomly occurring detrimental events is often assessed. Several approaches can be used to include the influ-ence of the events in the design process. This contribution deals with two such approaches. The first approach is based on making the system resistant to a finite set of scenarios. The second approach takes input data as fuzzy values and seeks a design solution where the objective function value belongs to a fuzzy set of good objective function values at the maximal level of satisfaction. Each approach models uncertainty in a different way and we will focus on studying the impact of the used uncertainty model on the resulting min-sum optimal emergency service system design, which is characterized by a deployment of a limited number of service centers in a serviced geographical region.






CRORR Journal Regular Issue