A Financial eurization in Croatia and its (non)linear pattern behaviour


  • Mile Bošnjak Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb


The phenomenon of financial eurization is prominent in the region of south eastern European  countries. This paper examines the phenomenon in Croatia focusing on the liability side of the banking system. Using monthly data from January 1997 to November 2015 univariate time series models are estimated and evaluated. Following research results in this paper nonlinear model specifications outperform ARMA(3,0,0) in explaining financial eurization pattern behavior in Croatia. The research results revealed nonlinear and threshold dependent dynamics of eurization dynamics in Croatia. Empirical evidence out of this paper points out on persistent eurization with hysteresis indicating the need to achieve overall macroeconomic stability in order to resolve the existing phenomenon of financial eurization in Croatia.

Author Biography

Mile Bošnjak, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb

International Economics






CRORR Journal Regular Issue