Peer Review Process

All contributions to the journal are initially reviewed by one of the Editors. At this stage manuscripts may be rejected without peer review if it is felt that they are not of high enough quality or not relevant to the journal.  Contributions that are not initially rejected go under fully blinded double-peer review process from reviewers' thar are experts in the field. All reviewed articles are treated confidentially prior to their publication.

Reviewers' are responsible to provide objective  written, unbiased feedback in a timely manner. Reviewers' are responsible to point out relevant published work which is not yet cited. Reviewers' are responsible  to be  confidential of any information supplied by the editor or author. Reviewers' are responsible  to avoid personal comments or criticism. Reviewers' are responsible  to alert the editors about any potential personal or financial conflict of interest and declining to review when a possibility of a conflict exists.

Positively assessed papers are categorised in accordance with the Guidelines for Editing and Formatting Journals issued by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, as follows:

1) Original scientific paper – a paper characterised by originality of conclusions, or which presents previously unpublished original results of scientific research in accordance with the highest criteria of scientific methodology;

2) Preliminary communication – a paper which presents primary findings of research in progress, which due to current interest require immediate publication, but without the level of deep and thorough study required for a scientific paper,

3) Review article – the article contains a detailed and comprehensive critical review of a certain problem area, but with no significant originality of results, and includes a detailed reference list relevant for a particular topic; and

4) Professional paper – a paper not necessarily related to original research, rather contains information and experience relevant for a certain profession, albeit without scientific features.

The Editorial Board makes the final decision on the publication and categorisation of the paper, based primarily on the assessment of the reviewers. If there is a conflict of interest, autor/reviewer is obliged to notify the editorial board before beginning of peer review process.