About the Journal

The journal only publishes unpublished scientific and professional papers not offered to another publisher in the same form at the same time. In addition to scientific and professional papers, the journal publishes reviews, news and announcements which serve to popularize cartography and geoinformation.

An original scientific paper contains unpublished results of original scientific research and the scientific information is displayed so that the accuracy of analyses and derivations, which the results are based on, can be verified.

A preliminary communication is a scientific paper containing one or more new scientific data, the nature of which requires urgent publishing. It does not necessarily require enough details for replication and result verification.

A review paper is a scientific paper containing an original, concise and critical representation of the field in which the author actively participates. The author’s role of original contribution in that field has to be indicated considering already published papers and an overview of them.

A professional paper contains useful contributions from a field not related to the author’s original research and the presented observations do not have to be a novelty.

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