Komercijalni FM radio u kontekstu hrvatske medijske politike


  • Marina Mučalo University of Zagreb


commercial FM radio, media system, media policy, Croatia


Commercial private radios dominate the Croatian radio landscape. They have been
evolving since the mid-1990s. In the last fifteen years they have been systematically financed by public
funding, namely by the Fund for the Promotion of Pluralism and Diversity of Electronic Media. This
paper problematizes Croatia’s media policy, which, in the recent years, has completely neglected the
development of non-profit and public service broadcasting, leaving the country’s media development
with market instruments and commercial content. Recent research shows that this type of radio is
perceived as a monotonous musical scenery that loses listeners’ trust. The paper raises a question of
further development of the Croatian media system, with a prominent role for the institutions responsible
for shaping it