Influence of New Information and Communication Technologies on Family Life


  • Slavica Blažeka Kokorić Pravni fakultet Sveučilište u Zagrebu


internet, nove informacijsko-komunikacijske tehnologije, obiteljske promjene, partnerski / bračni odnosi, roditeljstvo, pandemija COVID-19


In parallel with the increasing availability of personal computers and smartphones in the
21st century, and the increasing frequency of Internet use in daily lives of members of all generations, the
interest of scientists in studying the influence of new information and communication technologies on
family life is growing significantly. Considering that there is a lack of scientific papers and research on this
topic in Croatia, the aim of this review paper is to elaborate current trends and research findings in this
field, to deepen the understanding of positive and negative influences of increased use of new information
and communication technologies on various aspects of contemporary families’ lives and to offer a
framework for future research in this area. Particular emphasis in this paper is placed on the analysis of
changes in family life in the area of partnership / marital relations and parenting, with a comment on
the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In conclusion, the need for further research and improvement of
professional support aimed at prevention and resolution of family problems related to new information
and communication technologies is highlighted.