The Internet and Video Games: Causes of Increased Aggressiveness Among Young People


  • Nataša Ružić University of Montenegro, Faculty of Political Science


Internet, Violence, Video Games, Bullying, Cyberbullying, New Media, Social Networks


The increase in youth violence is among the most serious problems facing modern society. Many experts adhere to the opinion that responsibility for this phenomenon is borne by families, schools, and the media. The so-called digital generation spends much of its free time on the Internet and accepts the values imposed by the media. The modern criterion of success is to reach glory by any means necessary. As such, it is understandable that young people, eager for publicity, look for creative ways to attract attention. One of the most expedient ways to achieve fame and prove their ‘originality’ is by posting videos of violent behavior on websites like YouTube. The Internet has brought limitless freedom in the exposure of inappropriate content and has thus contributed to an increase in violence among the young, primarily through the video games industry. Based on all the above, we argue that the Internet has spurred and intensified the development of cyberbullying.