EUens – the Rise of a New Identity Driven by Social Media


  • Domagoj Bebić University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science, Zagreb
  • Dijana Eraković PhD student in Political Philosophy at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the University of Rijeka
  • Milica Vučković University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science, Zagreb


European Identity, EUens, European Union, National Identity, Social Media


The goal of this study is twofold: firstly, we want to explore specific identity that has been emerging as a consequence of many EU-related changes (e.g. development of transport, ICT, increasing number of different EU programs and new EU policies); secondly, we want to test the role of social media in building this new identity that we call EUens (European Union citizens). Conducting in-depth interviews with 25 EUens we find that some issues which are commonly seen as important factors in European identity construction, such as class and political attitudes, do not play any significant role in constructing European identity for members of our group. Secondly, our analysis suggests that social media have potential of becoming important driver of European identity.