• Diana Strommer Széchenyi István University, Győr, Hungary
  • Peter Földesi Széchenyi István University, Győr, Hungary


There are several researchers working with the questions of supply chain
management and the bullwhip effect. The goal of this paper is presenting the different
organizations investigating this topic. These institutions relate to each other on several
angles. Research and publications are also made in cooperation between them. These
relations can influence the concept used in the different research groups. This study
aims to define the most significant schools of bullwhip effect and scientific network
behind. The main authors of the topic can be determined as well. It is also important
to see how the main researchers are influencing the cooperation landscape. This article
is investigating these connections considering both the most significant researchers of
the topic and the research groups. Basis of this study is dimension s database and the
VOSviewer program is used to visualize the scientific landscape. Using this method,
the connection and cooperation can be visualized. This research is a literature review
from the perspective of network generated by the publications anal ysing bullwhip
effect and supply chain management. There is potential to further extend the scope of
the study by involving connected areas such as performance measurement. The
investigation can point out whether bullwhip effect researchers are extending t he
scope with the performance measurement systems or the other way around. This will
also answer the question how the key performance indicators in use measure bullwhip
effect based on literature. It will also reflect on the direction of research between
theory and practice.
Key words: literature mapping, bullwhip effect, scientific landscape, performance