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The Power of the Table - Revising the Theology, Form and Place of the Lord’s Supper in the Worship of the Christian Church

Ervin Budiselić ; Biblijski institut, Zagreb

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This article aims to revise predominant theological understandings of the Lord’s Supper that are present in today’s Christian churches which stress that somehow Jesus is present in the elements of the bread and wine. The author argues that in the Lord’s Supper Jesus is present among the believers, but he offers a critique of Zwingli’s view that shapes the celebration of the Lord’s Supper in free churches. Accordingly, the author argues that the Lord’s Supper must be understood as a full meal around the table which is focused on mutual fellowship between believers and Jesus, and not as a sacrifice in connection with an altar. Furthermore, the Lord’s Supper should be a full meal and not just a “snack”, a joyful act of a gathered community and not an individualistic penitential act, and it should be a regular part of the Sunday service with an importance equal to preaching. The first part of the article offers an overview of the four major theological views of the Lord’s Supper, the second part talks about the role and place of the Lord’s Supper in church history and various church denominations, the third part discusses the issue of God’s presence in the Lord’s Supper and the fourth part offers a revision of the form and place of the Lord’s Supper in church worship.

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Lord’s Supper, altar, table, free churches, Jesus’ presence in the elements of bread and wine, Jesus’ presence among the believers

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