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The Role and Place of Tithing in the Context of Christian Giving - Part 2

Ervin Budiselić orcid id ; Biblijski institut

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str. 31-58

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The article analyzes the Old Testament practice of tithing in the context of the principle of Christian giving. The article first analyzes Old Testament examples of tithing prior to the giving of the Mosaic Law since they are used to support the claim that Christians today should give tithes. Arguments of both sides are presented and discussed. Second, the article analyzes all places where the New Testament mentions tithing, presenting arguments for and against claims that Christians today should tithe. After that the article discusses all key New Testament places that talk about giving and it is concluded that the New Testament does not support the claim that Christians must tithe. The conclusion of the article is that Christians have a responsibility to give, and tithing can be only one way to practice giving, but by no means a command that we must obey. Moreover, compared with the Old Testament, the New Testament sets an even higher standard of giving.

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tithe, Abraham and Melchizedek, Jacob, giving, rich and poor believers, poverty, prosperity

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