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In this paper we are trying to identify causes and consequences of domestic violence in Kosovo. As one of the country in which society is undergoing through the radical transition, Kosovo is faced with different challenges in order to build a state where social and political rights are equal for everyone without taking into consideration genders differences, ages, religion, race, political orientation, language, etc. So far, there have been taken a number of legal responsibilities dealing with domestic violence. Under the pressure of the European Integration, Kosovo has approved the national program against domestic violence, law on the family, Law on Protection from Domestic Violence, different strategy with the international support, and also have an active role of nongovernmental organizations in advocating the gender-based equalities. Domestic violence as a social
phenomenon is deeply elaborated by different social scholars as an act that violates human rights and that all human beings are free and with equal rights and dignity. In this paper we will discuss the official data related to domestic violence in Kosovo, going through the cases from deaths, suicide, to child abuse, disturbance, disagreement and
different variables. Also, we will explain how is defined the domestic violence in Kosovo, from the dimension of physical abuse to the economic abuse. The main part of this article is analyzing official data from the studies, safety agencies such as: police and justice, and
also nongovernmental organizations related to this issue. The aim of the state institutions is to prevent domestic violence, but how is the real situation in the field? Do they protect and secure the victims? Do they offer training and reintegration of the victims? However
those data bring us into line with the real situation of domestic violence in Kosovo, regardless of the different perceptions of this phenomenon in our society.

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domestic violence, gender equality, public policy, abuse

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