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Mladen Banović ; Transformers Magazine

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As I write this text at the very end of the year, it is interesting to make a short review of the innovation presented and business events that have happened in 2019. Here are a few that in my opinion are related to the main trends in our industry. The innovations are as follows:

Phase-change cooling transformer
A Chinese company announced that they developed the world’s first 220
kV evaporative cooling power transformer, which uses a new type of non-combustible insulating heat dissipation liquid material –
luorocarbon. This liquid is a kind of low-boiling, non-combustible, environmentally friendly material used for insulating and cooling the transformer by its gas-liquid phase change.

Compact medium frequency transformer
Researchers from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne have developed and built a compact medium-frequency transformer, rated for 100 kW and operated at 10 kHz. The idea is to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of smart grids and DC power distribution networks.

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