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Renata Potočnik orcid id ; Millenium promocija, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Mario Petrović ; Millenium promocija, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Franjo Skoko ; Millenium promocija, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in contemporary business operations are increasingly becoming a tool used by companies for differentiation compared to the competition, gaining a competitive advantage and building an image of a desirable employer and supplier of goods and services. Many
companies often in practice associate corporate social responsibility with sponsorships and donations, and less often with overall business operations (relations with employees, customers, other stakeholders, impact on the environment, employment policy or respecting human rights). It is precisely
for this reason that it is necessary to achieve a synergy between companies, media and consumers,
whereby companies create honest, ethical and responsible companies, media dedicate attention to
the content that they make available, and consumers take into consideration all of the segments of a
specific product during selection.
In this paper, the authors will show the connection between marketing campaigns and corporate
social responsibility in companies, especially in the segment of campaigns directed at children as
the least protected and critical part of the media audience. Furthermore, it will be demonstrated
how, despite the legally regulated rules on market communication that marketing experts and media
must follow, these rules are often broken, especially when in question are children and the negative
consequences of such marketing campaigns. In addition to examples and experiences of other countries concerning marketing campaigns directed at children in Croatia, the authors shall provide an
overview of domestic experiences.
On the example of a few companies, shown will be their attempt to influence the youngest population,
and the findings of conducted research will be provided, showing to what extent the effects of marketing on children are effective and damaging or beneficial long-term.

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corporate social responsibility; media; marketing campaigns; children; ethics

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