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Theatrical Terminology in Alexander Freudenreich’s Manual Gluma

Frana Marija Vulić Vranković

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str. 184-192

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This paper describes the theatrical terminology in the work Gluma. Stručni priručnik
za ideologiju i praktičnu primjenu hrvatske pučke glume (Acting. An Expert Manual for
Ideology and Practical Application of Croatian Folk Acting) by Alexander Freudenreich.
Freudenreich was a prominent theatre worker in the period between the two world wars but
in our time, he has been suppressed, so his work, including the special theatrical terminology
he was using, remained unknown. A part of the theatrical terminology that was common
in Freudenreich’s day is no longer used today because it has been replaced by some other
solutions in the theatrical world. The paper also indicates some of the derivatives referring
to some common concepts in the theatre, and today they are used in versions with other
suffixes to avoid formative polysemy. The examples presented in the paper suggest that
present-day Croatian theatrical terminology would probably be at least partially different
if Freudenreich’s work had not been kept secret.

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Aleksandar Freudenreich, acting, theatre, theatrical terminology

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