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Research and development of ester filled power transformers

Chandima Ekanayake
Tapan Kumar Saha
Hui Ma
Yang Xu

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str. 24-33

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Ester-based insulating liquids are preferred for power transformers due to their fire safety features, minimal environmental impact, as well as the ability to prolong the lifetime of insulation paper compared to conventional mineral oil. The number of ester-filled high voltage power transformers has been increasing in recent years but remains low due to requirement of design modification
and lack of experience with long-term operating performance. This article introduces some of the research contributions on the application of ester liquids in large power transformers made by the members of the University Transformer Research Alliance (UTRA) over the past two decades.

Ključne riječi

ageing, electrical characteristics, ester liquids, insulating characteristics, thermal characteristics

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