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Documentaries as instruments of sustainable fashion promotion

Mirela Holy orcid id ; Sveučilište VERN

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Sustainable fashion is socially and environmentally responsible fashion, economically‎ successful and ethical in relation to nature, other living beings and people. The results of the research of‎ Croatian designers’ attitudes regarding the concept of sustainable fashion have shown that most of the ‎respondents get acquainted with this concept through documentaries (Holy & Borčić, 2018), which is not ‎surprising because there are many attractive documentaries on the topic of fast fashion unsustainability ‎and promotion of sustainable concepts in the fashion industry. The paper explores how six documentary‎ films frame the concept of sustainable fashion and the concept of fast/cheap fashion, which emotional‎ appeals are used in films, how narrative is constructed and how fashion in general is presented. Content‎ analysis was conducted on the following documentaries: True Cost, The Next Black, Slow Down Fast ‎Fashion, Unravel, River Blue and Do we change it? Ethical fashion documentary. Research has shown‎ that documentaries about the fashion industry use manipulative persuasion techniques but insufficiently‎ integrate audiences, which can affect their effectiveness.‎

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sustainable fashion, fast fashion, documentaries, propaganda techniques

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