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Peen-Forming - The Possibility of Technology Transfer from Aircraft Industry to the Production of High-Speed Ships

Roko Markovina
Branko Blagojević
Dario Ban

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str. 35-43

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Shot-peening is a widespread surface treatment method used to improve fatigue and stress
corrosion resistance of many metals. From that technology the peen-forming method has emerged
and has replaced traditional forming methods on many aircraft types, allowing wing designs to
maximise strength to weight ratios. The new generation of high-speed ships and boats use similar
lightweight building materials as aircraft industry, such as different aluminium alloys, which
indicates that shot-peening and peen-forming methods could be introduced in shipbuilding
industry. This paper describes peen-forming technology which is rarely present in shipbuilding,
and shows why the peen-forming should be considered as an important ship production method
that may replace more costly and complex forming technologies. The paper presents application
techniques, process variables, limitations and applicable designs regarding peen-forming and
concludes that peen forming will have a signifi cant role in the future of shipbuilding of fast and
high-speed vessels.

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high-speed ship, peen-forming, shipbuilding industry, shot-peening

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