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Successful aging with help of e-technology

Josipa Mrzljak ; Diplomski studij sestrinstva – menadžment u sestrinstvu, Sveučilište Sjever, Varaždin, Hrvatska

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Introduction and aim: Aging is a natural process that depends on many factors. It’s considered that a person successfully ages if, with the ubiquitous development of physical and mental abilities, there’s no comorbidity. The goal of this paper is to investigate the perception of age, characteristics of quality aging and ways of fulfilling free time using a global computer network of participants of older age groups who aren’t placed in the institutional care system.
Methods: For data collection, we used a survey questionnaire that included 20 statements about the successful aging of the author Elizabeth A. Phelan and additional questions developed for research purposes collection. The survey was conducted via the Google Docs form during June and July 2020. The research included 109 participants, and the received data were processed by descriptive and inferential statistical methods.
Results: The conducted research showed that the length of life is the least important for the participants. Satisfaction with one’s own life and independence and lifelong learning stand out as a predictor of successful aging. Aging increases the negative perception of successful aging. Also, the research identified that adults use the Internet mostly to communicate with their closest ones and, in general, they use it on a daily bases via cell phones, tablets, laptops, or computers. This research gave an insight into the way of spending quality time in adults and elderly people, but also their perception of successful aging.
Discussion with the conclusion: Increasing awareness about successful aging is growing. Health professionals, especially nurses and medical technicians, by their perception and education of the whole community, can bring the quality of life and aging of each individual to a higher level. Given the clumsy digitization and technological development, more and more adults and the elderly more often use the Internet.

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aging, personal satisfaction, Internet

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