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Are nurses sufficiently patient-oriented as a subject of care?

Ivan Domitrović orcid id ; Poliklinika Solmed, Hruševečka 1, 10 000 Zagreb

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The patient should be at the center of the nursing primary work process. Nevertheless, nurses often focus on a variety of professional commitments suppressing the primary interest of focusing on the human dimensions of humanity and appreciating the holistic elements of the integral dimension of nursing care.
Historically, nursing was created based on caring for another, and today’s development is focused on performing many technical and administrative tasks. A multidimensional approach to work should be the standard of nursing practice in which the patient in the health care process will be able to participate in the choice of treatment and in performing tasks aimed at his well-being.
This topic is important in modern circumstances in which health care takes place, where often the patient is not perceived as a partner in the health care process, but is treated as an object of work. By objectifying, the patient becomes subject to discrimination, routine, and psychological abandonment during hospitalization, where existential suffering and “total pain” take over. In contrast to such a reductionist approach, by respecting the norm of good clinical practice, ethical codes of the profession, and patient rights, the nurse creates a solid ground for the development of patient-centric relationship and respect for the patient as a subject in the work process. It is important to constantly reencourage nurses to lifelong education and self-development to contribute new knowledge and experiences to the patient’s greatest possible well-being.

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ethics, nursing, patient, anthroplogy

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