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Sustainable peak load transformers

Angelo Baggini
Alberto Cracco
Bruno De Wachter
Phil Hopkinson
Mayur Karmarkar
Fernardo Nuño
Alan Sbravati

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str. 82-88

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The sustainable peak load transformer complies with the energy performance requirements for a unit of its size but is allowed to be subject to temporary peak load values that are higher than usual. At the origin of the concept lies the fact that thanks to technological innovations,
some transformers can withstand higher temperatures in the windings and, consequently, higher peak demand without compromising unit reliability or lifetime. This concept can be of great help in absorbing the expected peak load increases due to the energy transition. It does so in
a material-efficient way and without increasing annual energy losses.

Ključne riječi

distribution transformer, grid upgrade, energy transmission, material efficiency, peak load

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