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Mladen Banović ; Transformers Magazine

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Dear readers,
While we were preparing materials for this issue, we also participated in other important projects and events. One of the most important projects is a two-day Transformers Magazine’s Industry Navigator conference on Sustainability, to be held in Zagreb, Croatia, on 20-21 October. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first sustainability-themed conference in our industry, where interested parties from all over the world can equally participate. I would like to stress that the idea for this conference is not originally ours. It has been proposed by our partners, believing that the Transformers Magazine’s team is the right one for the organisation of this event.
The conference will serve as a platform for the presentation of ideas and solutions facilitating the improvement of sustainability and circularity, some of which, e.g., saving a million litres of transformer oil per year, are extraordinary but rather easily attainable. For the sake of illustrating the proportion of the mentioned quantity, imagine a soccer field packed with oil drums. That is what this idea suggests we can save. Each and every year. Naturally, that would only be a start since there are other possibilities of saving. I am extremely glad this idea has evolved during the efforts we put into organising this conference. It demonstrates that this conference has inspired people and already brought excellent results, proving we can achieve a lot more if we join efforts in our approach to such challenging topics.
This conference is an excellent opportunity to show the world what we can accomplish. However, we must be aware of the fact that ideas and solutions are only the first steps in the sustainability improvement process. What we all need to ask ourselves is how to put these great ideas and solutions into practice. I believe we can make it possible if each of us makes our own contribution, no matter how big or small. One of the crucial steps is certainly the distribution of information and sharing of knowledge and experiences. Therefore, I am inviting you to join us in this effort. Attend the conference live or online and invite your colleagues to join, too. Send us your questions, comments, suggestions, and remarks. After the conference, we will conduct research on the subject to obtain feedback on the state of the affairs in the industry.
The conference will include an abundance of social activities, and the participants will have the opportunity to visit a state-of-the-art transformer factory, Končar D&ST, as well as Končar - Electrical Engineering Institute, which owns some of the well-known laboratories (HV lab, chemical lab, etc.) and one of the most comprehensive transformer monitoring systems that I helped develop with a couple of colleagues about twenty years ago.
In addition to the Sustainability conference, our team participated in several events during the past couple of months: Cigre Paris, Trafo 360° conference and Coiltech exhibition. We had our own booth at all of these events. In Paris, we were one of only 290 companies from all over the world who had a booth there, and we presented a print version of the Transformer oil book, which people already call ‘The oil bible’. This is a huge recognition for this book, and for the entire team who has worked on it for quite some time.
Special thanks go to our users for sending their valuable suggestions and feedback, particularly the information that help us become even better.
Please, continue doing so.
I wish you a pleasant reading.

Mladen Banovic, Editor-in-Chief

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