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Investigating the impact of transformer capitalization factors on the carbon footprint

Dr. Bhaba P. Das
Rob Milledge
Ghazi Kablouti

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The design of transformers with a low carbon footprint is a topic that is gaining significant traction in the electricity industry. In this article, an investigation is conducted for a 50/62.5 MVA, 154/33.6 kV transformer to evaluate the effect of the No Load Capitalization Factor (A) and
Load Capitalization Factor (B) on the carbon footprint of the transformer.
The benefit of including the cost of CO2 in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) formula, i.e., the extended TCO concept, is highlighted, which results in a similar carbon footprint but with reduced material usage.

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TCO, extended TCO, carbon footprint, equivalent CO2 emissions, transformer losses

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